Don't Enjoy One Direction In Secrecy Anymore, Adult One Direction Fans! (VIDEO)

This 'old lady' totally gets down with 1D in this "What Makes You Beautiful" parody.

So, it's probably not any secret that we're pretty huge One Direction fans here. If I linked to every story we've done, the internet would possibly sputter and spit out a few spare bolts. We've been 1D fans, and we have been from the beginning. However, with their newfound fame, they've picked up a few other fans. You know, the kind old enough to rent a car and put a down payment on a house. But that's perfectly fine if you're a silver-haired cougar, of say, age 28 or up! Don't be ashamed! One Direction RULES, and you don't have to be a recent graduate of Huggies Pull-Ups to know that. You don't have to hide your love away in your own personal One Direction hurt locker, thanks to our friends at, who captured the ever-growing subset of adult One Direction fans in their hilarious adult fan video.

Watch's hilarious One Direction's Song For Grown-Up Teenage Girls video after the jump.

The video starts with five sorta-familiar looking British boys (you aren't fooling anyone Harry Styles look-alike, you with your bow tie and hair!) singing to a 33-year-old woman who just wants to let her 1D flag fly. The boys sing to her (to the tune of "What Makes You Beautiful") "It's OK (oh oh)/ It's okay to like this song!" We agree! YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THIS SONG! So bump this in your minivan. We almost bought their half eaten toast on eBay for $100,000, so we're in no place to judge.

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