New Song: Angel Haze, 'Werkin' Girls'

Angel Haze blazes through "Werkin' Girls" at ridiculous speeds.

Washington D.C.-based rapper Angel Haze may be only 21, but she's rhyming with the kind of dominance of MCs who have decades on her. While she's already achieved some internet acclaim by freestyling over the likes of Drake, Beyoncé and Jamie Foxx, she's finally ready to unleash her own Reservation EP on July 17. Judging by her new track, "Werkin' Girls," it sounds like she's also ready to take the rap game by the throat.

Listen to Angel Haze "Werkin' Girls" after the jump!

Angel Haze's flow brings to mind a dangerous combo of the rapid-fire wordplay of MGK, the whack-job wit of Danny Brown and the razor-tongued nastiness of Azealia Banks. On "Werkin' Girls," Haze lets everybody know the kind of star she's destined to become and how quickly that's about to happen: "I'm the one to be after/ I'm sweeping you while I'm dusting/ I just popped up out the blue/ I am spontaneously combusting." We believe her.

+ Listen to Angel Haze, "Werkin' Girls." (NSFW Lyrics)

Photo credit: Biz 3