Video Premiere: Jasmine Villegas, 'Didn't Mean It'

Jasmine Villegas is a pop star with a message.


Remember the very lucky lady who played Justin Bieber's love interest in "Baby"? Well, she's 18-year-old Jasmine Villegas, and she's also a solo singer with a powerful message.

Jasmine's latest single is called "Didn't Mean It," and it speaks to teen girls about the serious issue of domestic violence. In the powerful intro to her video, Jasmine reveals that she, too, was the victim of domestic abuse, and this video is her way of speaking out and not living in silent shame.

Watch Jasmine Villegas' "Didn't Mean It" video after the jump.

In the emotional clip, we see firsthand what Jasmine might have gone through. Her boyfriend knocks on the door, and before she can even speak, he slaps her and brutally drags a screaming Jasmine across the room. That evening, while her abusive boyfriend (soon-to-be-ex-, we hope?) sleeps, Jasmine sneaks out of the house with her suitcase and makes the courageous decision to protect herself and leave a life of abuse.

In her own words, Jasmine explains: "This topic is very important to me because it's something I experienced firsthand for over a year in a bad relationship. Fortunately for me, I was able to get out relatively early, and now I want to let other women know that you don't have to feel ashamed or embarrassed about getting help...I believe every woman is beautiful and sometimes we get caught up in situations or relationships that make us lose sight of how beautiful and precious we really are." Beautiful video, and beautiful words. We've got nothing but respect for Jasmine for using her celebrity -- and her talent -- to bring awareness to a deeply important subject.

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