Watch Boys Like Girls' 'Be Your Everything' Lyric Video

Watch Boys Like Girls' origami-inspired lyric video for their ballad, 'Be Your Everything.'

Sorry, but rocker dudes who can appreciate origami? SWOON! Though you might have never guessed it, the dudes in Boys Like Girls, back from their hiatus, appreciate this delicate form of Japanese paper art so much that they made it a central theme in the lyric video for their emotional new ballad, "Be Your Everything." In the video, lyrics to the band's new song appear handwritten on pieces of composition notebook paper. A pair of hands expertly fold the paper into an origami crane as more lyrics unfold until the hands close the composition notebook forever. I don't know why I find this so adorable, but for some reason I do. (I guess maybe because I still have a very emo, very soft spot for Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.)

Boys Like Girls' Crazy World EP drops July 17 and includes the song "Be Your Everything," plus "Life of the Party" and "The First Time."

+ Watch Boys Like Girls' "Be Your Everything" lyric video.

Photo credit: Boys Like Girls' Facebook

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