Video Premiere: Cider Sky, 'Fall' Acoustic Video

We fell hard for Cider Sky back when we first buzzed about them last last year. The ethereal indie-pop duo (Simon Wilcox and Shridhar Solanki) landed a spot on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1 soundtrack with their twinkling track, "Northern Lights." (With a name that even sounds apple-ish in its origins, they pretty much had to nab a spot on that soundtrack.) And the pair has been on a nonstop roller coaster, selling out shows and maintaining their status as every Twihard's favorite artist alongside Taylor Swift, Christina Perri and Paramore.

+ Watch Cider Sky's "Fall" acoustic video after the jump.

Cider Sky's latest comes to us in the form of a light and airy acoustic tune called "Fall." While the studio version of the tune appears on Cider Sky's King EP, the duo loved their acoustic take so much that they gave it its own video. (And we're glad they did since it might be the prettiest thing we've seen since Bella's wedding dress.)

Shot with a retro camera filter, the video begins with Simon and Shridhar sitting on a beach, daring us not to fall in love with them as they sing "Maybe tonight, I'll find you/Oh, some people fall some people fall apart.../Some people fall, some people fall in love." We won't spoil the picture-perfect ending, but it's so romantic that all we can do is wonder if/ hope that these two are an IRL couple. Seriously, are they dating? And if they're not, then CAN THEY?

+ Watch Cider Sky's "Fall" acoustic video.

Photo credit: Bryan Sheffield