Star Spotting: Pink Hires A Guard Dog, Wears Him On Her Shirt

No need to worry about Pink's safety guys. Her t-shirt dog will totally protect her.

Pink is so resourceful, guys! What does she do when her hubby is home watching little Willow Sage and her bodyguard is probs on his lunch break? She wears a shirt with a ferocious looking guard dog on it! Pink and the gangster dog on her t-shirt were spotted yesterday leaving Sirius radio in New York. The "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" singer rocked her signature pink hair and seemed to be totally confident knowing she was under the protection of the angry canine on her chest. (That sounded weird, but you get it.)

Fine, so mayyybe we're stretching this whole "pink is actually protected by a t-shirt dog" thing a little far, but it's such a crafty (and economically sound!) way for Pink to tell haters to BACK THE EFF UP. Like, you do not wanna get in the face of a chick hardcore enough to purchase that shirt, you know?

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News