New Song: 3OH!3, 'You're Gonna Love This'

3OH!3 try to explain themselves in 'You're Gonna Love This.'

Earlier this summer, we heard a taste from the dudes in 3OH!3 on their song "Do Or Die," and they're keeping the fist-pumpers coming with "You're Gonna Love This." The latest from their upcoming fourth album, Omens, "You're Gonna Love This" basically tells the tale of a drunken night at the bar explained by Nate and Sean. I mean, the song doesn't sound that far-fetched from these guys' real lives, so maybe that's why this synthed-out dance-floor packer comes off so naturally for them.

Listen to 3OH!3, "You're Gonna Love This" after the jump.

Over a pulsing, fuzzed-out beat, the lyrics jump from before the night begins and after the night is over in front of a judge (again, probably not that far from the truth). To be perfectly honest, we've all had our nights to forget, but probably NEVER one like 3OH!3. Those dudes go extra hard in the club, and the public pool and the grocery store. Pretty much anywhere you can think of, they go unnecessarily hard. But it's alright, they're excused because they make these jams for us. Thanks, dudes.

Listen to 3OH!3, "You're Gonna Love This"

Photo credit: Photo Finish Records