New Song: The Killers, 'Runaways'

The Killers are back for the first time in four years with 'Runaways.'

It really feels like all of our favorite rockers are coming back. First Green Day, then we welcomed back No Doubt, and now we're THRILLED about the return of The Killers. Battle Born, the first album from the guys in four years, is set to drop Sept. 18, but we have dibs on the first single "Runaways," and it's a doozy. It's been a good summer so far, guys.

Listen to The Killers, "Runaways" after the jump.

On "Runaways," we hear Brandon Flowers and company return with the kind of stirring, forever-young rock that we've come to love (and basically demand) from them. We almost get a Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp running-naked-through-the-desert-wrapped-in-a-camping-blanket Americana vibe from the huge chorus: "Ain’t we all just runaways?/ I knew it when I met you/ I'm not gonna let you runaway/I knew it when I had you/I wasn't letting go." Getting chills up in here anticipating that new album. Or maybe that's the A/C blasting. But still, we're psyched.

+ Listen to The Killers' "Runaways."

Photo credit: UMG