Austin Mahone Chases Waterfalls In Orlando (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone is excited to be in Orlando, guys!

Austin Mahone may have already made it big by sharing videos of his Justin Bieber, Adele and Bruno Mars covers on YouTube. But we're really hoping this photo is a hint at his next potential cover of, perhaps, TLC's "Waterfalls"? The bro would make the '90s so proud! (And, yes, we realize that Austin wasn't even born when that song hit the charts. We're just choosing to ignore how ancient we feel when we think about that fact.)

The 16-year-old singer posed in front of a bubbling water fountain and shared it on Twitter along with the caption, "Orlando(:." Austin's been a busy guy (aside from becoming BFFs with Bieber and  The Wanted) while on his promotional tour and hit up Florida for his next gig. And while he's admittedly sad that he won't have time to squeeze in a visit to Disney World, it's not like the guy's just sitting around watching bad cable TV in his hotel. He made sure to squeak in some beach time with Hailey Baldwin (Stephen Baldwin's daughter). Relax Mahomies, deep breaths!

Photo credit: @AustinMahone