Justin Bieber Wears A Bandanna, May Be Referencing Bruce Springsteen, 'The Karate Kid' Or Tupac (PHOTO)

Bandanna'ed Justin Bieber does his best Bruce Springsteen/ 'Karate Kid' impression.

We've pretty much always said that no matter what Justin Bieber does we will love him unconditionally. We stood by him during his Money Pants phase, and we were steadfast Beliebers during the Tie-Dye Shirt Debacle of 2012. We even embraced the sparkly skull surgical mask thingy. However, there are SO many things to deal with when considering Justin Bieber's multifaceted "The Karate Kid"/Bruce Springsteen/Tupac bandanna moment.

As a way of saying "konichiwa, bishes" when he arrived in Japan, Justin decided to wear a blue bandanna around his head. And yes, we agree that Justin Bieber is basically the king of the universe right now and forever, and this certainly entitles him to wear anything (except for tie-dye). But he was traveling with his ladypanion Selena Gomez, and there's no way in hell any real-life chick would be down with that look. She was probably all "Baby, you look amaaaaazing (eyeroll)," when in truth she wanted to be like "NAGL, son."

There are just so many things referenced in Bieber's blue bandanna, and none of them answer the question of "why." I'm drowning in a semiotic sea of "Glory Days" and Kobra Kai references and need help finding my way back to shore. RIP, Tupac.

Photo credit: Getty Images; Digital Press Photos/ Newscom; Steve Eichner

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