Marina And The Diamonds, Amelia Lily, 2NE1 + More: Top 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week"!

This week's round-up includes the latest soon-to-be smash from one of my favorite Brit-pop chanteuses, an unbelievably promising debut by an "X Factor UK" alum, and the brand new singles from not one, but two of K-Pop's hottest girl groups on the planet.

1.) Marina And The Diamonds, "How To Be A Heartbreaker"

This week, Marina And The Diamonds finally brings her crazy brilliant sophomore record Electra Heart stateside. And along with the already certifiably amazing "Primadonna" and "Power & Control," the album includes one new track set to be her third single from the campaign: "How To Be A Heartbreaker." Produced by Diplo, Cirkut, and Benny Blanco, the storming, guitar-led power-pop anthem sees the album's trouble-making home-wrecker (Miss Electra Heart) counting down the rules for the perfect crime: "Rule number 3/ Wear your heart on your cheek/ But never on your sleeve/ Unless you want to taste defeat," she sneers above the surging beat. And so, before you get too involved, just remember: Marina will never emotionally fulfill you. Know that.


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2.) Amelia Lily, "You Bring Me Joy"

If you're not already aware, British pop production house Xenomania is responsible for supplying some of the greatest pop of the 21st century, including brilliant cuts from Girls Aloud, Kylie Minogue and former S Club 7 member/my beloved pop princess, Rachel Stevens. Now, the group has put their signature synth stamp of approval on "X Factor UK" finalist Amelia Lily's debut single. What's the result? Arguably one of the best songs of the year. "You bring me joy, you bring me sadness/ So you bring the love, so forget all the madness," Lily monotones across the song's swelling chorus. Not only is it a bold, brilliant debut by the "X Factor" songstress, but it's proof that Xenomania's still got it -- even after all these years.


3.) 2NE1, "I Love You"

After spending time in the studio with to craft their American debut, Queens of K-Pop 2NE1 are back with their first Korean single in over a year: "I Love You." Based around a K-Pop genre called trot (short for the ballroom two-step "foxtrot"), the electro-encrusted synth-pop gem sees the colorful quartet delivering melodic verses, unbelievably infectious hooks -- and even some ferocious rap styling to boot. "I love you every day in every way!" the girls declare. It's a deliciously addictive, throbbing smash sure to keep their fanbase -- the Blackjacks -- dancing for weeks.


4.) Wonder Girls featuring Akon, "Like Money"

Two K-Pop girl groups in one week? The K-Pop revolution really is upon us! The Wonder Girls -- perhaps known best stateside for accompanying the Jonas Brothers on their 2009 world tour -- are back with a brand new digital single for America called "Like Money." Penned by Cristyle (of Rihanna's "Only Girl (In The World)" fame) and featuring Akon, the surging dance-pop anthem has the girls demanding your full attention in the form of shiny things: "Love me like money/ Love me like cars/ Love me babe/ Love me babe wherever you are," the ladies urge. The radio-friendly track fits in perfectly between early Gaga and Ke$ha (and an an oh-so-trendy dubstep breakdown, of course!), meaning that the girls might just secure themselves a hit stateside.


5.) Lana Del Rey, "National Anthem (Tensnake Remix)"

Lana Del Rey's music isn't exactly the most, well, danceable. Perfect for long, nostalgic drives down the highway on a Friday night? Oh, certainly. But dancing? Maybe not so much. However, for her latest single "National Anthem" (my favorite song off of Born To Die!), the talented singer-songwriter included a bunch of remixes that inject the song with some unexpectedly infectious grooves. My favorite remix of the group, hands down, is that of German DJ/producer Tensnake. Bouncing on top of icy, minimal disco beats and strange ambient sounds, the remix takes Lana's brilliant original and gives the track a ferocious new spin. You'll be doing Lana twirls like mad to this one!


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