Paramore's Hayley Williams Would Make The BEST Mermaid (PHOTO)

Paramore's Hayley Williams enjoys her day off at an aquarium.

If mermaids actually existed (sorry to burst any bubbles, guys), we'd hope they'd all look like Paramore's Hayley Williams -- she basically looks like a real-life version of Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" (minus the tail, having a talking crab for a friend, and being confined to the sea). If the singer's signature bright red hair and killer voice don't prove my point, check out the way she's basically hypnotized all those pretty blue fish into a swirling frenzy while visiting an aquarium this past weekend! Even aquatic life know they're lucky to be in the presence of one of the cutest (and best) lead singers out there.

"The Only Exception" rocker was snapped checking out some fishies and shared the photo on the band's Instagram along with the caption, "Spent my day off at the Aquarium of the Pacific #itsterrific!" It's just nice to know that even though the band is hard at work on the follow-up to their most recent album, Brand New Eyes, they still find time to relax and take field trips to cool places for inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, can everyone just agree that a Paramore cover of "Part of Your World" is now totally necessary?!

Photo credit: @paramorestudio