New Video: Wonder Girls Featuring Akon, 'Like Money'

Korean girl group Wonder Girls get bionic with the help of Akon.

We probably don't have to remind you that Korean girl group Wonder Girls have been on their grind this year, charting a course for world domination. And part of their plan to dominate the globe includes teaming up with international superstar Akon on their new English-language single, "Like Money," which is an expertly produced, high-octane dance record that has the gals cooing about being treated like a new pair of expensive kicks, diamonds, and well, RACKS ON RACKS OF STACKS ON STACKS.

At the top of the "Like Money" video, we learn that the girls are actually robots created in the image of perfection, which is redundant because they're already perfect. The bionic version of the ladies rock some intense Latex onesies while engaging in some serious '90s-era/Spice Girls-reminiscent choreography in a variety of futuristic locations that we wish were real. Akon joins in, and even though he's sitting down for most of his cameo, he works his signature hater blockers, which leads us to wonder if he has eyeballs (seriously, Akon is NEVER not wearing shades). Plot-wise, that pretty much covers things. But did we mention the Latex onesies and the dancing? Because the onesies and the dancing!! What's Korean for "WE FREAKING LOVE THIS"?

+ Watch Wonder Girls' "Like Money" video featuring Akon

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