Star Spotting: Joe Jonas Makes The Roller Coaster Face

Even hot pop stars aren't immune to roller coaster face!

So, you know that face everyone makes when they're on a roller coaster? The one that either looks like you're getting slayed by a ferocious villain and/or your face is melting and traveling to the back of your head? Yeah, well in our world that's called "roller coaster face" and Joe Jonas totally has it!!

Joe and a pal hit up Playland Amusement Park yesterday, and naturally the macho men decided to brave the park's intense roller coaster. Joe's pal looks a little bit more nauseated than Joe, who actually looks like he's having a pretty terrific time. Though, judging by the angle, it looks like these two bros are only on the ascent and haven't even reached the peak of the coaster, so who knows what kind of extremely special faces this duo made once this thing really got cranking. Either way, props to you guys for being courageous enough to ride the coaster in the first place (though he did stand by a volcano already, so he's CLEARLY not afraid of danger). Personally, I pretty much puke even just looking at the kiddie tea-cup ride.

Photo credit: Joe Jonas' twitter.