Watch A Drunk Guy Sing 'Kiss From A Rose' To His Cat (VIDEO)

This guy really loves his cat. And Seal.

A very special video has been somersaulting around the internet this week, and it consists of our two most favorite things in the universe: cats (any and all!) and Seal's "Kiss From A Rose." In the video, a guy who is admittedly under alcohol's influence sings Seal's emo-est song to his cat! WHO HASN'T BEEN THERE?

We could try to describe this brilliant masterpiece, but most human words won't ever do it the justice it so deserves. While we anxiously await Seal's reaction video, we suggest you sit back, grab your kitten and watch one of the best cat videos ever made. Well, maybe with the exception of Taylor Swift's cat video masterpiece.

Photo credit: Bard 55's YouTube channel.