Star Spotting: Death By Jared Leto

Jared Leto (kinda) flashes us... we want more.

There's one serious bromance going on between Jared Leto and famous photographer Terry Richardson. From what we can tell, the guys have photo shoots like, on the daily. See this faux fur stole photo and the photo of Jared sleeping on some steps, for starters. We can't blame Terry for wanting to photograph the picture-perfect star all the time. (And we'd also like to thank him both for the "Death By Flash" photo that the 30 Seconds to Mars singer just posted on Facebook and for the fantasies that have ensued.) If we were friends with Jared (a life goal we hope to achieve by using the powers of "The Secret"), we'd be snapping shots of that gorgeous face all the time. And also probably having them blown up into life-size cardboard cutouts that we'd carry around with us to dinner and to the movies... What? It's called DATING!

Photo credit: Terry Richardson, via Jared Leto's Facebook