New Video: Nervo, 'You're Gonna Love Again'

The Nervo girls continue on their life path of being totally gorgeous in their new video, 'You're Gonna Love Again.'

Remember Nervo? Or, maybe they'd be better identified as Mim and Liv, those two ridiculously gorgeous blonde Australian twins who went on the "Femme Fatale" tour with Britney Spears and released that sick single "We're All No One," featuring AfroJack and Steve Aoki. So, the girls, who are so stunning we could almost roll over and temporarily die, found time to record their banger of a new single "You're Gonna Love Again." The song got a new video too, and you know what that means: more staring at gorgeous blonde Australians!!!

Watch Nervo's "You're Gonna Love Again" video after the jump. 

Nervo's "You're Gonna Love Again" is a synth-heavy dance record, and accordingly, the video centers around an epic party. The clip begins by introducing us to a couple who look like they're on the worst end of a breakup. They eventually find their way back to each other, and as a testament to their everlasting love, they decide to jump off a building together. (Yeahhhh, so we'd strongly recommend you don't try this one at home guys unless you're wearing padded suits and have an ambulance nearby. But even then, just don't.) Luckily, this is a magical dance party, and as the couple falls off the building, the partiers catch the falling couple and turn the whole situation into a ridiculously chic mosh pit. Once more for emphasis, we wouldn't necessarily advise you try this stunt IRL, but then again, when there are two gorgeous blonde Australian twins in your midst you never know what kind of magic can happen!

+ Watch Nervo's "You're Gonna Love Again" video