New Song: Nelly Featuring Chris Brown, 'Marry Go Round'

For the new single from his seventh album, Nelly calls on Chris Breezy.

Around these parts, we welcome any and all new Nelly material with open arms. The St. Louis rapper's latest, a blazing hot collabo with Chris Brown called "Marry Go Round," is no exception. Slated as the first single off his upcoming seventh album M.O., Nelly's "Marry Go Round" is a bouncy, uptempo, shake-that pole-dance jam that's obviously already made it to the top of our summer playlist. Hope our neighbors don't mind, because it's been on repeat all day.

Listen to Nelly "Marry Go Round" featuring Chris Brown after the jump.

Produced by Da Internz (Rihanna's "Birthday Cake"), "Marry Go Round" features Nelly going in hard with his signature sandpaper scratch, over Chris Brown's smooth vocals as Nelly Mo rhymes about a confident chick who may or may not be named Marry: "She takes over the ring/Every time she come around/Just call her Ali by the way she knock 'em down." The song's a rowdy, kinetic, frenetic track (that feels satisfying similar to Eve's "Tambourine") just begging for a chicks-in-slow-mo video. Would we say this jam's about to rival Nelly's "Hot In Herre"? Probably not. But then again, Nothing. Ever. Will.

+ Listen to Nelly featuring Chris Brown, "Marry Go Round."