Star Spotting: Kevin Jonas Gets Dunk Tanked In His Fourth Of July Best

Kevin Jonas looking dapper, still dry at this point.

What's the only thing cuter than being a rich, talented and hot Jonas Brother? Being a rich, talented and hot Jonas brother who's decked in red, white and blue in honor of the Fourth of July! Or in other words, Kevin Jonas' ability to successfully pull off red pants PLUS his overall attractiveness level? SWOON.

Kevin Jonas, right before getting dunked on 'Live With Kelly.'

Oldest JoBro Kevin Jonas was snapped backstage yesterday as he prepped for his guest-hosting gig on "Live With Kelly." Aside from rocking his best stars and stripes, Kev sported his megawatt smile and hair so voluminous, you'd think he was literally wearing a bumpit or something. But, cohosting wasn't all Kevin got himself into. In honor of the "Live With Kelly" Fourth of July party, Kevin signed up for the DUNK TANK, and then proceeded to get soaked on live national television. A true display of patriotism! Way to be, bro.

Photo credit: Kevin Jonas' twitter.

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