Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Face Plants Simon Cowell Into A Cake

Demi Lovato looks like she's about to give fellow 'X Factor' judge  Simon Cowell a sugary facial!

OMG guys, we can't even with this pic of Demi Lovato pushing Simon Cowell's face into an "X Factor" cake! It's like, the girl has embodied every past "American Idol" contestants' frustration with Cowell's sassy criticisms and accomplished what they've always dreamed of! But is anyone else even kinda sad for the cake? We've spent mannny of our weekends watching "Cake Boss" marathons to know how stressful making a pretty pastry like that can be. Meh, who are we kidding -- this sacrifice was totally worth the EPIC payback!

The "Give Your Heart A Break" singer shared the HILARIOUS photo of her on the brink of sugar-smashing her fellow "X Factor" judge's face on her Twitter with the clever caption, "Getting along with @SimonCowell is a piece of cake!!! #RIFactor."  OK, so we're not sure if she actually followed through with the whole face-plant (Um, Demi's like, THE SWEETEST... it's kinda hard to believe she'd hurt anyone's feelings -- even if the very opinionated Brit called her "catty!"), but this pic is totally going to fuel those infighting rumors on the show! We just enjoy imagining the whole scenario to be true. The girl is living every single 9-to-5 working chump's visions of what they'd all like to do to their own boss. Annnd just another reason for us to bow down to the AH-MAZINGNESS that is Demi Lovato.

Photo credit:@ddlovato