New Video: Christina Perri, 'Distance,' Featuring Jason Mraz

Christina Perri searches for Jason Mraz in their new video, 'Distance.'

Not only are Christina Perri and Jason Mraz teaming up for the U.S. leg of Jason's "Tour Is a Four-Letter Word" tour, but they're also teaming on their stunning new collaboration, "Distance," from her lovestrong. album. But then again, we tooootally coulda told you they'd create the type of song poignant enough to leave you blubbering and snot-crying into an empty pint of ice cream (or at least that was us after listening to Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" on repeat for an entire three-day weekend, but that's a story for another time), because that's just what happens when you add one amazing singer-songwriter to another amazing singer-songwriter and then throw in a video with hazy sunlight and a white dress.

In the gorgeous Elliott Sellers-directed video, Christina and Jason play lovers who are torn apart. Sadly, there's no hot bedroom scene (Come On! I know I wasn't the only one skipping ahead for it, but then again, I've just finished the entire "50 Shades Of Grey" trilogy, but that's a story for another time). There are a ton of sad faces and stolen glances, which work just as well. Symbolically, Christina and Jason are in the same house, yet they can't quite find each other. As Christina roams the property, she eventually stumbles upon a huge wall of photos and mementos that we're assuming remind her of Jason. In the same way Kelly Clarkson did in her "Mr. Know It All" clip, Christina dramatically rips the photos off the wall only to reveal -- wait for it -- a real live Jason, calmly strumming his guitar and waiting patiently for Christina to find him. The clip leaves us in suspense, but we totally think these two crazy kids should make a go of it! Plus, this video could totally double as the wedding montage movie that plays during the best man speech at the reception. Ugh. Now I'm totally getting choked up again...

Christina joins Jason Mraz's "Tour Is a Four-Letter Word" starting Aug. 9 in New Orleans.

+ Watch Christina Perri's "Distance" video, featuring Jason Mraz

Photo credit: Atlantic Records/Francois Berthier