Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Frolics On The Beach With A Man Who Is NOT Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez is swept up into the arms of another man!

Guys, remember that one time we got the panic sweats when Miley Cyrus hopped in the pool with a dude who wasn't her future hubby, Liam Hemsworth? Multiply that panic level times like, 28,000 because now Selena Gomez is getting thrown around the beach by a mystery man who is NOT JUSTIN BIEBER. (DUN DUN DUN!) Sure, we're possibly being a tad dramatic since this "mystery man" is actually Alfredo Flores, a filmmaker and an integral part of Team Biebs. However, we can't deny that the mere sight of Sel being lovingly cradled in someone else's arms is very unsettling. Not to mention the somewhat tragic poncho she's rocking on the beach, but moving right along.

Selena and Alfredo were snapped yesterday afternoon on the sunny beach of Malibu, Calif., while they were both on hand to celebrate mutual pal Ashley Tisdale's birthday. Fine, so maybe this was a totally platonic group outing, but unless Sel wants an outrage from angry Beliebers, we'd advise her to cool it on the PDA. OK? Cool.

Photo credit: Getty Images