Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Wears Money-Lined Pants To Subway, Drives Off In $100K Chrome Car

Justin Bieber debuts his Canada Day look: MONEY PANTS, and a foot-long Subway sandwich.  

Seriously, how the hell else is Justin Bieber supposed to celebrate the anniversary of the British North America Act of 1867, which united three colonies into his native Canada, other than by rolling into a Subway to pick up a sub and then rolling out in his Chrome Karma Fisker? 'Cause if expensive whips and Subway sammies don't reek of Canadian patriotism, then we don't know what the hell does.

The "All Around The World" singer was snapped yesterday getting out of his mad-expensive car (sticker price: $100,000, and I gotta believe you're tacking on a least a couple more bills for the all-chrome option) and picking up a delicious foot-long. Oh, and did we mention that Justin Bieber's is wearing MONEY PANTS? As in sweats that literally have (fake) money falling out of them? We'd normally be like UM NO on the money pants thing, but Justin was the winner of our epic Battle of the Justins, which somehow makes them seem totally appropriate.

Photo credit: Juan Sharma,