New Video: Midnight Red 'Hell Yeah'

Meet Midnight Red, your new favorite boy band.

Imagine what would happen if you assembled a boy band out of the spare parts of Far East Movement, Taio Cruz and LMFAO. Aside from really intense hair and party pants, you'd also get Los Angeles pop group Midnight Red. We're not sure if it's cool to call them a "boy band" per se, but that's precisely what they are -- a hard-partying and blatantly attractive band of boys who sing!

Watch Midnight Red's "Hell Yeah" video after the jump.

"Hell Yeah," a RedOne-produced jam, is an homage to wilding out, and if it hasn't already, it'll become your new favorite "getting ready" song from now until you're too old to party. In the video, the bros gather up some chicks (as you do) and spray everyone with Silly String (no innuendo there!). Some dance breaks also occur in an abandoned skate park before the the party moves to a blow-up bouncy house. Silly String, bouncy house and dudes with perfectly gelled hair engaging in lockstep choreo? This is basically my definition of a dream date.

+ Watch Midnight Red's "Hell Yeah" video