Watch Jaden Smith's 'Gonzoes' Video And Willow Smith's 'I Am Me' Video

It's all love between Jaden and Willow Smith as they pose together at the 2012 BET Awards

OOOOh snap! Someone's getting sent to bed without dinner! There's a mini feud brewin' in the Smith family home, and it may be time for some parental intervention. Here's why: Jaden Smith released a new rap video, and it basically cut down his little sister Willow! Um, RUDE. Meanwhile, Willow released a new video, and she's taking the high road (on a bike, because she's old enough to drive or even, like see a PG-13 movie) because she didn't even mention Jaden. ICED!

+ Watch Jaden Smith's "Gonzoes" video and Willow Smith's "I Am Me" video after the jump. 

Jaden's already collaborated with Justin Bieber, but he's rolling solo in his "Gonzoes" clip. Set to a menacing beat, Jaden shows off his rapping prowess and fires a few shots at Willow: "Now Willow is the star, man, how weak is that? Pink hair, high socks, can't compete with that." Way harsh, Tai! Though, Jaden's a sweet kid at heart and takes a second to apologize at the end of the track: "Sorry if I'm coming off a bit hostile, Gonzoes." OK cool, but don't tell us, tell Willow!

We don't have to remind you that Willow Smith is the biggest l'il baller -- please see HERE and HERE and HERE -- and clearly the best way to get back at her bro is by upstaging him in her own video, and in this case it's "I Am Me," a moving ballad that's surprisingly poignant for an 11-year old. Once again, Willow proves to be wise beyond her years as she hangs out in New York City (also sweetie, where are your parents?!) singing about self-worth and respect: "I am me/I am me/Here's my vulnerability/I'm free/And you can't stop me/I am me/And that's all I can be." Dammmn, it usually takes years of therapy experience to come to that realization, yet Willow's done it in a mere 11 years. Props to Will and Jada for raising a little Yoda.

+ Watch Jaden Smith's “Gonzoes" video and Willow Smith's "I Am Me" video.

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