New Video: Zak Waters, 'Skinny Dipping In The Deep End'

Despite wearing a blazer and pants in the photo above, Zak Waters throws a clothing-optional pool party.

Summer is a time for pool parties, hot nights and sweet jams -- lucky for us, Zak Waters' "Skinny Dipping in the Deep End" video has that combo on lock. The L.A. musician's new jam sounds like Foster The People getting pumped with Maroon 5, all high-energy Saturday-night synths and soulful, Adam Levine-y vocals.

The video's a feel-good story, capturing a shy guy finding a friend and losing his inhibitions -- and his pants! -- on his way into the water. And the music's not too damn loud for the older couple next door, who opt to dive right in instead of calling the cops. Only in a music video, you guys. Then again… Siri, where can we find cool neighbors? (Maybe Zooey Deschanel can tell us!)

Expect to hear a whole lot more from Zak Waters in the coming months: He's got guest vocals coming on tracks by producers Madeon and DCUP as well as an album of his own. In the meantime, your summer playlist just got one jam longer.

+ Watch Zak Water's "Skinny Dipping in the Deep End" video.

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