Video Premiere: A Silent Film, 'Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well'

A Silent Film gets cinematic in their 'Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well' video.

You'd expect a band called A Silent Film to go straight-up Méliès in their videos. Accordingly, their new "Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well" clip doesn't disappoint. The video, from the band's new Sand & Snow album, follows the mysterious journey of a green-eyed Dakota, who's not afraid to play with fire -- or take some Wild West target practice alongside the Grand Canyon. (That's the thing "Unforgiven" was missing: a sheriff in a cute pink top!) The stylish shoot (is she wearing Bethany Cosentino for Urban Outfitters? Can she share?) contrasts Instagram-esque landscape scenery shot through with David Lynch weirdness as the band surfaces between scenes.

A Silent Film saves the volume for its performance: The track starts out as a synth-drenched Coldplay-worthy anthem before the British quartet veers into hard-hitting rock territory. Singer Robert Stevenson's rugged voice reminds us of The Killers' Brandon Flowers, as does the track's flair for a dramatic chorus. The song's storytelling gets a boost from the video's silver screen imagery: "There's a setting sun/where you once found you were in love," Stevenson sings, as twilight falls across our heroine in the desert. The connections aren't all that obvious -- maybe we can get director Bouha Kazmi's commentary for that part when Dakota starts shooting up all those defenseless, recyclable bottles. Or at least hook us up with their Blu-ray collection.

+ Watch A Silent Film's "Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well" video.