Video Premiere: Fake Figures, 'As We Drift'

Fake Figures show us their softer side on 'As We Drift.'

Fake Figures' rock credentials are very, very real: The new band includes members of Atreyu, Hotwire and Scars of Tomorrow, among others. The Orange County-based act made its debut with their mini-album Hail the Sycophants in December, blending howling metal breakdowns with more melancholic rock that recalls the more reticent side of bands like Radiohead and the Smashing Pumpkins. Now, after dropping the pulverizing "Something Deadly" video last month, the band's hitting us with the velvet sound of "As We Drift."

Watch Fake Figures' "As We Drift" video after the jump.

The video comes from Anthem Films, the production company behind "Something Deadly" and two of the band's dizzying lyric videos. And while their last video found Fake Figures heading to the desert to unload their heavy riffs, "As We Drift" takes their great outdoors experience to the water; the video captures sun-faded singer Russ Martin staring meaningfully at far-off aquatic vistas and running through an abandoned town -- alone. "As soon as you arrive, bring me all of you," he pleads. Romance: not just for pop stars! The track's not without its heavy side as it concludes with a low-end assault that'd make Skrillex blush. Get into it below.

+ Watch Fake Figures' "As We Drift" video.

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