Watch FIDLAR's 'Max Can't Surf' 'PUSH Live' Performance

FIDLAR can probably surf and definitely rock.

In the grand tradition of power chord heroes from Social Distortion to blink-182, L.A. rockers FIDLAR play silly, catchy SoCal punk. Their "PUSH Live" performance of "Max Can't Surf" captures the quartet in all their youthful, grungy glory: It's a summer anthem whether or not you're planning on hitting the waves. "Max Can't Surf" is a teenage ode to a hipster dude who's having trouble finding his away around a longboard: "Stop wearing tight jeans/put on some board shorts," the lyrics go, and that's good advice for anyone, especially after all that Fourth of July grilling/drinking/pie-eating.

FIDLAR pours out the track from a unique circular setup that finds them smashing up a colorful piñata, which is somehow cooler than an expensive light show. We're almost surprised Katy Perry didn't think of it first. Guitars, breaking stuff, delicious candy: Even Henry Rollins would be proud. Then he would go to the gym and drink a protein shake. In the meantime, you'll find FIDLAR scarfing at Del Taco, working on the full-length follow-up to last year's breakthrough EP, "DIYDUI," and striking fear into the hearts of piñatas everywhere.

+ Watch Fidlar's 'PUSH Live' 'Max Can't Surf' Performance.