Watch Danny Brown's 'Die Like A Rockstar' 'PUSH Live' Performance

Danny Brown flows like a rock star.

Few songs capture the unhinged swagger of Danny Brown quite like "Die Like A Rockstar." The Detroit rapper's Busta Rhymes-meets-Ad-Rock flow is in full effect in his "PUSH Live" performance, which finds Brown staring down the camera as he raps over the SKYWLKR-produced beat. Referencing dead celebrities from Kurt Cobain to Heath Ledger, Brown gets real about the dangers of the fast life. "Tripping off the s*** that had Brian Wilson flipping/Experiment so much it's a miracle I'm living," he rhymes before diving into the grisly hook.

Brown's got plenty of reasons to live: 2011's XXX was named the best hip-hop album of the year by Spin, for one (keep watching that throne, Kanye!). And the indie MC scored a spot on the cover of XXL for the mag's annual freshman list earlier this year, sticking his tongue out and wearing a Mick Jagger-level jacket. Dude has style for days -- menswear guru Mark McNairy -- McNasty to his bloggers -- tapped him to model his latest collection, with some help from up-and-coming Florida rapper (and No. 1 Danny Brown fan) Kitty Pryde. Though not everyone's a fan: Brown claims 50 Cent didn't sign him to G-Unit because of his jeans. Maybe that's why this "PUSH Live" catches him in gym shorts. Judging by his breath control, Brown probably does cardio like a rock star, too.

+ Watch Danny Brown's "PUSH Live" "Die Like A Rockstar" performance.

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