Star Spotting: The Wanted Hang With Austin Mahone (We Hope To Collabo!)

The Wanted and Austin Mahone are in the same picture... we can't even.

We hope Austin Mahone sends one GIGANTIC thank-you edible arrangement to the peeps over at YouTube. Not only has the bro's music career BLOWN UP since becoming an internet sensation from the site, but also that exposure also allowed him to meet some of THE most successful (and hottest) guys in the music business! First, he got to chill with Justin Bieber (!!!) and now he's hanging with the bros from The Wanted! In case you're not paying attention: Austin is WINNING at life.

The "Chasing The Sun" singers shared the photo of them hanging with Austin on their Twitter, and if you can peel your eyes away from the hotness that exudes from the pic, you'll understand the epicness of the moment. The Wanted are just as starstruck with Austin as we are! Even the lads' photo caption shows nothing but love for Austin's budding career: "We got to meet @AustinMahone last week. Congrats on everything going on ... cheers mate x."

Maybe the band chatted about a possible collabo with Austin on their next album, or maybe the boys just shared some tips they've learned from their own MASSIVE success. You know, really important things like how to not to lose your hearing when bazillions of fans are shrieking at you in high-pitched octaves (kinda like what we sound like every single time we look at this photo).

Photo credit:@thewantedmusic