John Mayer's 'Queen Of California' Video Was Made Entirely In 'Draw Something'

John Mayer's 'Queen Of California' video is actually a game of Draw Something!

We gave it some thought, and the only thing wrong with John Mayer's otherwise perfect video for his song "Queen Of California" is that we can't see his Adonis-like face. Sure, the "Shadow Days" singer truly needs a haircut, but I'd still totally tap that if it were ever an option. (Too personal?) Other than that, though, John's video is letter-perfect. Literally. Because it was made entirely by using Draw Something.

Watch John Mayer's "Queen Of California" video after the jump.

We're referring to it as John's video, but actually, he didn't commission it. The entire idea was spearheaded by the team at Brainbowinc Design, using the intensely popular and frustratingly addictive app Draw Something to create the clip. In case you've still got a BlackBerry (seriously?), we'll remind you that Draw Something is a back-and-forth game of digital Pictionary, where one player draws an image and another player guesses. Or in other words, a time waster you can feel good about because it's creative.

In the extremely cool video (We waste HOURS a week on this game! Why don't we think of stuff like this?), we see a vast variety of images that correspond with choice lyrics: a big white ghost, a drum kit, an American flag and our personal favorite, a bomb-ass portrait of John Mayer rocking his (new) signature cowboy hat. Because John Mayer lives in Montana now and loves to wear cowboy hats. (He could still totally get it though, let's just be honest.)

 + Watch John Mayer's "Draw Something" "Queen Of California" video.

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