New Song: D-WHY, 'Kill Me Now,' Featuring Casey Veggies

In case you hadn't noticed, we're a tad bit obsessed with D-WHY around these parts. We first buzzed about him (and his on-point chunky knit sweaters) back in November. Since then, the sharply dressed spitter's been releasing banger after banger including D's T-Minus-produced "Macchiato Music." (What, can't a chill dude rhyme about some high-end lattes in Italy?)

Listen to D-WHY's "Kill Me Now," featuring Casey Veggies after the jump. 

Today, we're bringing you the latest from Team D-WHY in the form of a slick collaboration with Los Angeles MC (and Roc Nation Management's latest signee) Casey Veggies. The track's called "Kill Me Now," and it's slated to appear on D-WHY's upcoming mixtape, "Don’t Flatter Yourself," which, by the by, features a bunch of famous names and faces like Diggy SimmonsHit-Boy Boi-1da, and Dot Da Genius.

Produced by me & the homie, "Kill Me Now" is set to a minimal but haunting beat, which makes a lot of sense given the vaguely pissed-off title. In his signature sneering flow, D-WHY rhymes: "A wise man told me gotta fake it till you make it/ Imma do like Machiavelli/ Imma make it till I fake it/ Kill me now/ I'm so fresh I could die." Though we don't wanna see D-WHY kick the bucket, we're actually in total agreement: If it were possible to die from an overdose of swag, D-WHY would be six feet under. Glad you're still around though, bro!

+ Listen to D-WHY 's "Kill Me Now," featuring Casey Veggies (NSFW lyrics).