New Song: Alicia Keys, 'New Day'

Alicia Keys teams with hubby/producer Swizz Beatz on her jam 'New Day.'

Pretty much the only thing better than new Alicia Keys music is new Alicia Keys music produced by Alicia's IRL hubby Swizz Beatz! Alicia called upon her man to lend his production prowess to her new record "New Day," and clearly the outcome gets a big "HELL YES" from us.

Listen to Alicia Keys' "New Day" after the jump. 

"New Day" will be the first single off of Alicia's still-untitled follow-up to 2009's The Element of Freedom. Sonically, it's led by marching band-esque drums and a subtle piano melody that leave ample room for Alicia's powerhouse vocals. In fact, we were kinda bummed this record didn't feature more of Alicia's booming pipes (it's more of a laid-back vocal delivery), but we're sure we'll get some of that on forthcoming singles.

Lyrically, "New Day" is clearly inspired by Alicia's feelings for her son, Egypt: "There's no limitation, no/ Fill up your life/ Let me see your hands up.../ There's a feeling that I got that I can't give up/ Feeling in my heart that I can't get over." In short, "New Day" is a strong start to what will hopefully be a banger of an album. Also, props for keeping all the royalties in the family, guys. Gotta pay for little Egypt's college education someday!

Listen to Alicia Keys' "New Day."

Photo credit: Alicia Keys' Soundcloud

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