Ke$ha got the phrase 'SUCK IT!' tattooed insider her lip. America!!

Real talk: We're a little scared of Ke$ha's new tattoo, guys. Instead of giving tattoos to The Flaming Lips, K-dollar-sign-ha went and got herself some fresh ink... IN HER MOUTH. As in, the mucus membrane where you eat, chew, swallow and produce saliva.

Ke$ha recently stopped by L.A.'s Alchemy Tattoo where thought it would be a wise move to get the phrase "SUCK IT!" tattooed on her inner lip. Also, can we just take a moment to imagine this exchange? She was literally probably like: "Hey guys! Great to see you again. How're the kids? Also, can you tattoo the word "SUCK IT" on my inner lip? Oh, you can? You're the BEST!"

We're all for being wild, free, rebellious and bold. And actually, we kinda respect Ke$ha's "IDGAF" attitude. However, bear in mind that when Ke$ha's, like, a mom, is she really gonna wanna have the words "SUCK IT!" permanently emblazoned on her inner lip? Then again, if Ke$ha ever has kids, she can't scold them if they wanna get "SUCK IT" tattooed inside their mouths because she did it first. I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU, MOM!

Photo credit: Kesha's Twitter.