New Video: Whitney Houston And Jordin Sparks, 'Celebrate'

When it was announced that Whitney Houston was pairing up with Jordin Sparks to sing a tune for the film, "Sparkle," we were all hands in the air -- we couldn't think of a better powerhouse duet (Brandy & Monica's "The Boy Is Me" not withstanding). But with the untimely death of Whitney, our merriment over this dream duet turned bittersweet. Luckily, the "Celebrate" video focuses on throwing a heartfelt party that honors Whitney's last-ever film.

The "Celebrate" video leans heavily on actual scenes from "Sparkle" (out this August), but we aren't mad about it (it's like, the best movie preview ever!). But what we're really loving is the story line that weaves in a montage of movie scenes and captures the film's cast joining together for a party in Whitney's honor. Scenes catch the characters celebrating (aptly), while images of Whitney pop up throughout as a reminder of her legacy.

Jordin carries the majority of the video with her star power (lady is seriously looking FUH-LAWLESS, BTW), but it's the emotional, almost home-movie quality honoring Whitney's onscreen presence that gets us all kinds of sentimental. Don't be surprised if watching this makes you want to dig up home videos to celebrate your own life.

+ Watch Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks' "Celebrate" video from the movie "Sparkle."

Photo credit: Alicia Gbur/ Stage 6 Films