New Video: Diamond Rings, 'I'm Just Me'

Diamond Rings take us to the dance club of the future with 'I'm Just Me.'

Some people are worried the future will be a dark and scary place. Maybe zombies will take over, there probably won't be any bananas but at least there will be dancing. Thanks to Diamond Rings, we have an idea of what that may sound like. Coincidentally with lasers, guitars and dark blue colors, it sort of looks like the future from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. But this future is far dancier, dudes.

Watch Diamond Rings, "I'm Just Me" after the jump.

When Diamond Rings hits our ears, it reminds us the best of dance with the best of post-punk. Think, if Robyn and Interpol had an intensely glam and stylish baby, this is the music he would make 20 years from now. "I'm Just Me" is the first single from Diamond Rings forthcoming second studio album, and if the song is any indication of what the rest of the album will sound like, it's a must-download for us. We just hope it comes out soon and not ACTUALLY in the future.

+ Watch Diamond Rings, "I'm Just Me."