Song Premiere: June Divided, 'The Way We Started Out'

Don't sleep on Philly-based pop/rock outfit June Divided.

It's time to get involved with June Divided, guys. The Philly four-piece pop/rock band is set to release their debut album, Backbone, and trust us, you're gonna want the cool points of knowing about them before they blow up. (FYI, that's gonna happen in like 5 minutes.) After college graduation, vocalist Melissa Menago and guitarist Chris Kissel took a quick break from the job hunt to toy around with music. Eventually, they stumbled across their drummer Keith Gill on, wait for it, Craigslist. As a threesome, the band found success: They played SXSW, Warped Tour and released a video for their smash "Bullet." Their connection as musicians grew, but it wasn't until the band found their permanent fourth member in bassist Lenny Sasso that they began to work on their debut full-length album.

Listen to June Divided's "The Way We Started Out" after the jump.

Today we're bringing you an exclusive premiere of June Divided's pop/rock anthem "The Way We Started Out," slated to appear on their forthcoming Backbone album. Lead vocalist Melissa sounds like a mix between Hayley Williams from Paramore with a dash of a female-fronted Jimmy Eat World thrown in. "The Way We Started Out" is a gritty yet heartfelt record courtesy of Melissa's colorful vocals. As the guitar pattern drives, Melissa's pipes rise above the noise and she sings: "There's a familiar face/ And a smile that I see in its place/ But I can't name it/ You in the mirror there/ Are you happy with your perfect frame that you hung up and displayed?" Sounds like someone is a little pissed, no? But trust us -- whoever screwed you over will come crawling back when you've got a No. 1 album on the charts. And by then, you'll probably be dating someone way more famous and attractive, so no worries!

June Divided's new album Backbone drops July 10.

+ Listen to June Divided's "The Way We Started Out."