Jessica Simpson Tweets Photo Of Her Baby Daughter Maxwell! We're DYING Of Cute! (PHOTO)

Jessica Simpson may have birthed the cutest baby to ever live.

We know--celebs (and regular people, for that matter) are totally weird about complete strangers wanting to touch their newborn babies, pinch their cheeks and say things "ooogie ooogie ooogie!" But maybe Jessica Simpson will let me? Because I JUST HAVE TO! And I'm not even a baby person per se, but J. Simp's kid is just about the cutest thing I've seen since I checked out this pretty adorable pic of a cat jumping in the air.

After what seemed like a thousand-year pregnancy full of GINORMOUS belly shots and a steadfast refusal to wear flats, Jessica finally gave birth to her baby boo Maxwell Drew Johnson, and she's got the Twitpics to prove it! Jessica first showed the world her new baby girl via her People magazine cover, but we much prefer Jessica's home photos of her baby girl. Late last night, along with the RIDICULOUSLY cute pic of Maxwell, Jessica tweeted, "Howdy friends." Well, howdy to you, too, Maxwell! Welcome to the world. Additionally, any shot you'd be interested in a playdate with my future child? LMK!

Photo credit: Jessica Simpson's Twitter