Lana Del Rey Gets First Lady-Like In 'National Anthem' Trailer (VIDEO)

Lana Del Rey pledges her allegiance to you in the trailer for 'National Anthem.'


It seems like whenever Lana Del Rey makes a move on the internet, there are 20 billion reactions. With the trailer for her new video "National Anthem" (which is the whole song, so confused why it's called a trailer), we are treated to all the Lana-isms we've become accustomed to. Major style: Check. Big hair: Check. Bad boys (in this case played by rapper A$AP Rocky): Check. But is there something more here than the usual? We think there might be.

Watch the trailer for Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem" after the jump.

In "National Anthem," we see Lana let her patriot flag fly, as her style mimics the classic and chic former first lady Jackie Onassis. A$AP, who spends most of the video smoking, is looking rather presidential himself as a mockup JFK perhaps? Though the lyrics of the song tell a story that's probably not fitting of the office of the presidency: "Tell me I'm your National Anthem/ Red, white, blue's in the skies/ Summer's in the air and baby/ Heaven's in your eyes." Just sayin', I don't think I've ever heard President Obama say anything like that.

+ Watch the trailer for Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem."

Photo credit: Lana Del Rey's Facebook