Justin Bieber Conducts An Entire Interview Wearing Tie-Dye On A Segway (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber looks hot in tie-dye. This is a MIRACLE!

We've aways been of the belief that even if Justin Bieber wore an outfit made up of used lobster shells (Gaga, don't steal our idea!) we'd still be a Belieber. However, a tie-dye shirt? That's tough considering tie-dye may in fact be the most terrifying thing you could do to fabric that doesn't involve an Ed Hardy logo. Yet somehow, Justin Bieber managed to wear tie-dye and make it a bawse move when he visited Radio Disney early this week for a Take Over, during which he not only wore tie-dye, but he conducted an entire interview... on a Segway. So let's focus on the fact that he pulled that off without falling. Because if tie-dye becomes a thing, I may have to resort to... I don't know. Wearing lobster shells, probably.

Photo credit: Disney Channel/Rick Rowell