New Song: Flo Rida Featuring Jennifer Lopez, 'Sweet Spot'

Flo Rida and Jennifer Lopez hit their 'Sweet Spot.'

If there's one thing Flo Rida loves -- besides bicep curls and panoramic back tattoos -- it's a collaboration. There's his "Wild Ones" team-up with Sia, "Low" with T-Pain, and even his old-school Lady Gaga collaboration. And now, after pairing up with her on "Goin' In," Flo Rida got together with Jennifer Lopez again, this time for "Sweet Spot," which is the sweetest song involving candy since 50 Cent's "Candy Shop," featuring Olivia, of recent "Love And Hip-Hop" fame.

Listen to Flo Rida's "Sweet Spot" featuring Jennifer Lopez after the jump.

Set to a thumping club beat, the record begins softly with Jennifer's whispery, Britney-style coo: "Let's hit the sweet spot/Oh I, I'm ready to go/Oh, I want candy tonight." (Uhhh, so remember when we reminded you Jennifer Lopez currently looks like this? She's clearly not eating any damn candy, but we'll let that lyric slide in the spirit of creative license.) After her midtempo hook, the song explodes into a shimmery, sugary banger rife with Flo Rida's signature rhymes. Unfortunately, Flo's verse kinda sorta definitely sounds a little indistinguishable from other verses, but that doesn't mean we don't give him props for his commitment to treating his gal to five-star living: "Yeah, I wanna take you back to my spot/You can be the candy girl in my shop/We both know what we craving, why not?/Make tonight first class with no stops." Add this to your summer BBQ playlist immediately before it drops on Flo Rida's Wild Ones LP July 3.

+ Listen to Flo Rida's "Sweet Spot," featuring Jennifer Lopez.

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