9 Extremely '90s Photos Of The Spice Girls!

The Spice Girls' new musical means it's OK to start crimping your hair again!

As far as we're concerned, every day should be Spice Girls Appreciation Day. However, we're particularly grateful on this day since our prayers were answered -- no, not that Pokemon nails prayer, though we're thankful for that too. We're specifically referring to the news that the Spice Girls are working on a musical called "Viva Forever!"

The show, which premieres this December in London, will include songs from the Spice Girls' catalog and follow the journey of a young girl who goes from obscurity to celebrity overnight. A DREAM PLOT! And so to honor the Spice Girls and their new venture, we scoured our own personal Spice Girls photo archives (meaning Getty) and found the most '90s-est photos of the Spice Girls that exist. So please, dust off your most inappropriate camouflage apparel made of the most synthetic materials available for human use and enjoy these vintage Spice Girls pics! Hopefully, these images will inspire you to spice up your life and start reincorporating "ZIG A ZIG AH" into your daily lexicon again. (As if you stopped using it.)

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Credit, all photos: Getty Images