Olly Murs Checks In On Tour With One Direction (VIDEO)

Olly Murs checks in during week three on tour with One Direction.

Look out for Olly Murs. The dude's busting his way through America, and not even customs can stop him (ba dum, ching!) Not only has he released his infinitely hooky, Chiddy Bang-assisted banger "Heart Skips A Beat," but he's touring with a little band by the name of One Direction. Clearly, the kid's on the right track. But it's not like he's an amateur either: The Essex-born singer-songwriter has slayed the U.K. pop game ever since he finished as runner-up in the sixth season of the British version of "The X Factor."

Watch Olly Murs' tour diary from the One Direction tour after the jump. 

While on his North American tour with One Direction, Olly took some time out to film an exclusive tour diary just for us. (Hairflip!!!) As in, PRIVATE TIME WITH OLLY MURS! OK, no private time was involved, but it's our exclusive, so we'll take what we can get in these times of need. (OLLLLLY!! CALLLLLL MEEE!)

In the clip, Olly does what one does on tour -- flirts with reporters (jeals!!) and gives funny interviews and chills on college campuses with some stuffed animals made in his honor (?). But Olly digs a little deeper when he discusses his fears about coming to America: "People don't know who I am, so they're judging me straight away on my music." Ummm, maybe now's the right time to admit that this all-American gal has played your song "Heart Skips A Beat" an inappropriate amount of times and may or may not account for approximately one third of your total YouTube views. Or in other words, I pretty much got you covered, bro. Oh, and in an endearing moment so adorable it almost caused a hormonal meltdown for me (did I mention I was having issues surrounding my own personal thoughts of Olly and One Direction IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER?), Olly thanks ONE DIRECTION'S FANS. Let that sink in. I'll wait.

Olly's U.S. debut album, In Case You Didn't Know, drops Sept. 25, so don't forget to go out and cop it. (TWICE!)

+ Watch Olly Murs' tour video from week three of the One Direction tour, and watch his "Heart Skips A Beat" video.