Watch Adam Lambert Wild Out During His Tribute To Donna Summer (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert's 'Hot Stuff' tribute to Donna Summer is, well, hot.

Adam Lambert was put on planet Earth for two reasons. Well, a million reasons, but here are the two most important reasons for the purposes of this post: 1.) To put out albums like Trespassing, which trounce the competition and debut at No. 1, and 2.) To slay a disco track. And that's precisely what he did when he covered the late Donna Summer's seminal disco song, "Hot Stuff."

Donna passed away last month at the age of 63, and while all the musical tributes dedicated to her legacy have been beautiful and meaningful, if we had to pick a favorite, it'd be Adam Lambert's tribute to Donna Summer from the Alice Radio Summerthing in San Francisco. Maybe it's because he infused the song with utter furse-ness and electric guitars or because he totally slayed the vocals, but suffice it to say that Adam was born to sing "Hot Stuff." And that's not just because he is well, hot stuff. (Sorry, had to.)

Adam parlayed his "Hot Stuff" cover into a “Cuckoo" mashup during his Golden Gate Park gig, where he told his fans, “I love Donna Summer so much! Do you love Donna Summer?" (Is that even a real question?)  Way to make the Queen Of Disco (and us!) proud, bro.

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