New Video: Kreayshawn, 'Summertime,' Featuring V-Nasty

Kreayshawn and V-Nasty are ready to snatch your chick in their 'Summertime' video.

Every time the sun gets a little hotter and the days get a little longer, the competition starts getting fiercer for the song of the summer. We've already had a few songs enter this race, but now Kreayshawn's throwing her hat in the ring with "Summertime." Now, yes, there's already a classic song called "Summertime" dedicated to the sunniest season, but you know that the White Girl Mob is going to bring their own special swag -- and more swearing -- to the track.

Watch Kreayshawn's "Summertime" video featuring V-Nasty after the jump.

Over a fuzzed-out almost chillwave beat (shouts to our bros at Weird Vibes!), Kreay takes it right to the point: "It's summertime/ and your b**** is on my mind/ It's summertime/ and your b**** is all mine." Kreay wants a summer hookup, and she wants it now. Can't blame her! It's hotter than Lana Del Rey in a tanning bed, and clothes be coming OFF.

The song's lo-fi feel dovetails nicely with a VHS (or some similar postmodern facsimile) video that followis the two girls hiking in the California woods and stuntin' around Hollywood. (Also, shouts to Kreayshawn's SICK eyelashes.) Something tells us this song'll be blasted out of convertibles (or affordable compacts like mine) for the next few months.

+ Watch Kreayshawn "Summertime" Featuring V-Nasty.

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