Star Spotting: Even While Holding A Red Plastic Shovel, Jennifer Lopez Is A Bombshell

J.Lo is the hottest mom on the block.

It's pretty easy for a hot chick to look hot while wearing a skimpy white bikini. It's a leeeetle bit tougher for a hot chick to look hot while carrying a child's beach shovel. And yet, miraculously, Jennifer Lopez has pulled it off.

Wearing both her "hot pop star" and "good mommy" hats, the "Dance Again" singer -- whose Dance Again...the Hits greatest hits album lands in stores July 24 -- was snapped yesterday emerging from the ocean like a mermaid in Rio de Janeiro. She was joined by her boyfriend and occasional dance partner Casper Smart, several bodyguards (of course), and her lovely twins Max and Emme. As the story goes, J. Lo used this handy dandy red shovel to help her kids bury one of the bodyguards in the sand. CUTE! We love seeing this side of J. Lo because it reminds us that, like Beyoncé, she totally does normal mom things. Then we remember she birthed two live babies out of her womb, yet still has the body of a supermodel, which clearly is not normal at all.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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