Watch SBTRKT's 'PUSH Live' 'Hold On' Performance

SBTRKT goes analog for this exclusive 'PUSH Live' performance.

We've been existing in SBTRKT's alternate, altered reality even since his self-titled debut dropped in 2011. (Basically, if there were a rainforest in a Space Station SBTRKT's Aaron Jerome would be its official DJ, and we'd all be doing the Cat Daddy in zero gravity.) For the mysterious electro artist's "PUSH Live" performance, SBTRKT is joined by soulful collaborator Sampha, whose stirring vocals take "Hold On" into "Climax" territory. (Can Usher sing with a British accent? Can everybody?) The duo's take on the song's a special one: it opens with a new intro melody before Jerome takes to a drum set for some rare live percussion. Sampha gets in on the fun, joining the snare and bass action for a rhythmic spectacle that needs no extra knob twiddling. No pressure, other DJs!

SBTRKT's hitting the road this summer with festival dates in Europe and Japan as well as a lone U.S. appearance at Chicago's Lollapalooza in August. Time to start planning that EDM road trip and making Martha Stewart-worthy papier-mâché tribute masks. (Pro tip: Google results for "Martha Stewart papier-mâché" are slightly more terrifying than I'd anticipated.)

+ Watch SBTRKT's 'PUSH Live' "Hold On" performance.

Photo credit: Dan Wilton