New Video: Kimberly Cole Featuring Garza, 'U Make Me Wanna'

We've been on the Kimberly Cole train every since we first buzzed about her all the way back in 2009. Since then, Kimberly's been on a roll releasing songs like "Smack U" (which, FYI, is still on my gym mix to this day) and most recently, "U Make Me Wanna," her collaboration with House DJ/producer Eddie Amador.

Watch Kimberly Cole's "U Make Me Wanna" video after the jump. 

Kimberly's "U Make Me Wanna" video dropped today, and, it's a major rager. Rumors had been flying that Nathan Barnatt, better known on the internet as Keith Apicary, better known as the man who just danced his way through Flo Rida's "Roll" video, might also make a cameo in Kimberly's clip. And thankfully, he did!

In the video, we see Kim and her dancers rehearsing, when suddenly, one falls and gets hurt. Man down! They need an replacement ASAP. Enter Keith. Between shots of Kimberly looking so effing fly it's almost painful (we DIE for your hair in that long braided pony, Kim, in addition to that gold cone bra) we see Keith attempting to dance with the group and learn the moves. Clearly, he's the worst dancer on the planet (it's OK guys, that's his shtick!), so he spends most of his time getting free lap dances from some dancers on set. That's called making the best out of the BEST situation. Enjoy!

+ Watch Kimberly Cole's "U Make Me Wanna" video