New Video: Conor Maynard, 'Vegas Girl'

Conor Maynard searches for love in his 'Vegas Girl' video.

We first gave you The Buzz On U.K. sensation Conor Maynard when we reminded you that BASICALLY EVERYONE IS CALLING HIM THE NEXT JUSTIN BIEBER. (Pause, and let that sink in a minute.) Today, we're bring you the video for the 19-year-old singer-songwriter's U.S. debut single, "Vegas Girl." Unsurprisingly, the video reminds us of well, THE BIEBS! But that is a compliment, clearly.

+ Watch Conor Maynard's "Vegas Girl" video after the jump. 

In "Vegas Girl," Conor accidentally bumps into the lady of his dreams (because that happens all the time) and asks for her number. She refuses (OK, RUDE!), so Conor snaps a picture, because we all know it lasts longer. Conor, devastated that he's lost his gal, takes to Twitter to ask all his followers if they will help him find his mystery love. (Way to employ the powers of social media.) Team Conor goes to great lengths to let the world know they're on a search for his Vegas chick, and it's not until the very last second that Conor and his soon-to-be phantom female finally come together. So yep, Conor is totally the next Biebs except for the fact that there are ZERO GIRLS in this universe that wouldn't give JB their number right off the bat. But that'll come soon, Conor. Don't you worry.

Conor's forthcoming album, Contrast, is due out on Capitol Records Sept. 18th. Pick up his Vegas Girl EP July 24 to hear his cover of Drake's "Marvin's Room."

+ Watch Conor Maynard's "Vegas Girl" video

Photo credit: Capitol Records